Sunday, February 23, 2014

ARtworks for your Desserts

Assalamualaikum. Notice my bluish blog? yeah. Awesome. teehee.

So here are another few artworks.. since im sooooo having so much free time so practicing again and again...

bongkok means huncback.. a Malay warrior with a hunchback, someone commented that he looks like Ryu street fighter with a hunchback. I cant say im not agree but it does look like one with that hair and red bandana..

a weekly art that i joined last week which featured a Fox kind of caharacters. So i combined bleach and fox togethere and voila!

Naruto fan art.

Thats all for now. Hope u enjoy. More arts coming!


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hey an Ending to A New Beginning. :D

Assalamualaikum and hey there.

Wow its been a while but yeah finally its the end of the Year. Well not exaclty but we are in December. I had been busy with my final year and all. Everything went really well. Some was quite dissapointing really but hey there were also some amazing stuffs happened which i think i should appreciate and feel great about. That is life. A cycle. Sometimes u are up and sometimes u are down. Like a roller coaster even tho i never xperience a true roller coaster before. But anyhow lotsa free and leisure time i decided to have fun and step up my drawing skills and practice. Here u go a few of my artwork recently.

 photo Ironmega_zps3cec9499.jpg  photo image_zps212fad8d.jpg  photo photo_zps6cf8394c.jpg [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]  photo image_zpsd1220307.jpg  photo Untitledartwork-4_zpsea9fa57c.jpg

so there you go... 

see you again soon.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A step to 2013

Assalamualaikum, alhamdulillah, gratitude towards Allah for a happy new year. 2012 brings so much  meaningful memories as well as challenges that i think i managed to go through. Sometimes its hard, sometimes its kind of easy but the experience was surely a blast. 

Back to my college, for my final year of my degree. A bit scared yet excited since this year is gonna be a big challenge.  There will be an action research which is my final task for earning a degree in education, so definitely its a big deal. Still wondering for a good title to look onto and to research for but i guess i will find good title soon, insyaAllah.

I just finished cleaning my new room, since my batch were asked to move to another hostel..yet again. Long story. But here i am. Exhausted really. I just very am exhausted putting up a new mat on my room which actually have this awesome beautiful wood a like pattern which is very cool since i love brown very much. 

Anyaway, hoping this new year is gonna be full of excitement as well as worth experience to shape and build myself into a mature wise man. Uisehh well said. Well said. I know its not going to be easy, but i rely everything to Allah as He the one and only one. 

For all of u outthere dont give up in everything you do and keep on running. You might as well take a rest and continue the journey. Hey mistakes is okay, we are human. Human are not meant to be perfect. But at least we can give our best. 


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ITs me, Im Back!


Finally i got the courage i mean the mood (cuz i dont really have much thing to do this holiday, eat, online sleep, eat online sleep again and again ...) so i decided to fulfill one of my to-do-list of redesigning my blog. It is really a while now since i updated it with my so "called-art". Browsing back my old crappy art makes me embarass somehow, like does it deserved to be shared and to be watch by everybody across the globe? (Like there is any) .....but whatever. It is my blog, my art so i can post whatever i want as long as it not something illegal.

So to tell you honestly, im not that busy or anything but truthfully i got a LOT of free time. Sadly, i am just to lazy to post anything new in my life or doing some art because i seems unable to bring myself into a good mood. Plus, i am so layzeee to just to write and blahbing about my life to shared. So i pull my self together, and decided i want to start new. Fresh. I want to do "something to fill in the blank time". So u guys can wait for my upcoming art. If there is any, if you are lucky enough. Anyway, i am back. Thats what important. I will keep posting if i wanted to. So. yeah. for a start below is some art i did few days ago. Enjoy it guys. 

here's an art i did. Which obviously half finished. cuz i find myself really layzee to color fill in everything. So just pleasure ur eyes ok. lol. Done totally digitally using ipad, my homemade stylus pen and sketchbook pro apps.

Till next time,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Bersawangnya blog ini. Apa boleh buat, tidak ada idea bah mau tulis. Karya terkini pun lama sudah tidak dibuat. dilukis. Apapun, akan buat suatu perubahan baharu dalam blog ini. Sama-samalah nantikan.



Sunday, October 30, 2011


Assalamualaikum...salah satu karya terbaru..fully digital...oleh kerana rush memang tidak kemas sikit but i think it turns out ok. enjoy .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DiDO.Here With Me.Closer. Thank You.


Antara lagu Dido yang sangat aku suka. Here With Me, Closer dan Thank You.
Lagu-lagunya ni memang best la kalau yang minat alternatif kind of song. Saya sangt rekomen.

vid lagu here with me daripada dido

nih antara lagu feveret aku daripada penyanyi Dido ni.. Pelik namanya kan tetapi lagunya best kalau dihayati hehhe..sebenarnya lagu here with me ni soundtrack untuk drama english duluu di tv 2. Tajuknya Roswell...adakan tu? ingat ka? Drama pasal percintaan manusia dengan alien. Tapi lagu ni memang best la...ada sedih2 sikit...ada feel tersendiri.....

ni lagu sweet sikit....tajuknya closer...malas mau ulas cubalah dengar....mungkin akan menjadi salah satu playlist anda?

nih plak lagu dido tajuknya thank you....pun best jugak...blehlah dengar...dan donlod letak dalam playlist anda...memang syiok dengar...bagi sayalah..:)

Tiga2 lagu ni memang feeling. Mungkin kalau anda suka, boleh jadikannya antara playlist anda. Buat masa sekarang masih tidak ada karya baharu. Malas itu masih tidak mahu pergi. InsyaAllah mungkin dalam masa terdekat. Yeap, mahu cuti pertengahan semester sudah....ndak sabar mahu balik. Rindu? mestilah...haha...ok enjoy lagunya ya....:)